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Organizations mentioned in Practically Shameless

Shadow Work® Seminars, Inc.
Home page of Shadow Work®. (Chapter 3 and following)

Woman Within
The organization that hosts the Woman Within initiation. (Chapter 9)

The ManKind Project
The organization that hosts the New Warrior Training Adventure, an initiation weekend for men. (Appendix)

Other initiations and Shadow Work® events

Women In Power
Initiating the Predator Within, an initiation for women led by Shadow Work® facilitators, offering predator work similar to that described in Chapter 11 of Practically Shameless.

The Inner Sovereign Leadership Training
An advanced Shadow Work® initiation into Sovereign energy, for men and women. Alyce attended in 1999 and highly recommends it.

The Inner King Training
An advanced Shadow Work® initiation into Sovereign energy, for men only.

The Fairfield, Iowa, community site


The Men's Leadership Alliance
A non-profit men's organization offering retreats and workshops.

The C.G. Jung Page
A useful page of information about Carl G. Jung, who first wrote of the human shadow.







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