Update: Practically Shameless was on Amazon.com's Bestseller list of books by and about Carl G. Jung for more than 60 weeks.

Amazon.com Bestseller Day for Practically Shameless
Monday, February 18, 2008

Practically Shameless reached the Bestseller lists at Amazon.com
in four categories on Monday, February 18, 2008. It stayed on some Bestseller lists for more than 60 weeks.

Never seen a #1 Bestseller listing? Here's what it looks like — Practically Shameless at #1 in the Jungian subcategory (you'll notice the list of movement subcategories on the left):

Practically Shameless at #1 on the Jungian Bestseller List at Amazon.com February 18 2008

Amazon updates its bestseller lists every hour. In this screen capture,
taken at around 10 PM Central time on Monday the 18th,

the book is The highest rankings I saw, somewhat later in the evening,
were #8 in Emotions & Feelings and #58 in Personal Transformation.

By the following day, Tuesday the 19th, the rankings had dropped somewhat,
and the book had dropped off one of the lists:

By the end of the week (Sunday the 24th), the book remained in the top 100
in two categories:

Later that evening (I've noticed that Sunday night seems to be an
active buying period at Amazon), the rankings had moved up once again
due to additional sales:

Evening Feb 24 2008

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