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Errata, Paperback edition of Practically Shameless

Errors discovered in the First Edition, corrected in the paperback's second printing January 2009, and in the audio book.

On page 195, Shadow Work founder Cliff Barry is given credit for being the first person to "chunk" the human shadow into categories by archetype. Cliff wasn't the first person to do that. That honor goes to Jungian analyst Robert Moore and his co-author Douglas Gillette for their ground-breaking 1991 book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine. We very much regret the error.

On page 172, in the section about locating your Risk Manager, the words "you could become practically shameless" would more effectively be "becoming practically shameless would work well for you"

Other errors

Page 92, start of 3rd paragraph — "the" should not appear before "Sylvia"

Page 95, 3rd line — "Sylvie" should be "Sylvia"

Page 109, 4th-to-last line — "be alone" should be "give up hope"

Page 119, 5th line — "with me" should be "me with"

Page 148, 3rd-to-last line — "It" should be "She"

Page 151, 4th line — "shall" should be "small"

Page 194, 2nd line — "role" should be "strategy"

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