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Testimonials to Practically Shameless


Testimonials to the published book

  • Customer reviews at
  • Testimonials to the manuscript prior to publication

    "AudioCD version. The Jungian concepts around Shadow are complex and mostly inaccessible to the average Jane or Joe. I found this to be a very useful map that made Shadow accessible. This is on my 'Red Pill' recommended reading list for Shadow work and personal transformation, especially for 'experts' on the subject. I've witnessed deep, powerful and meaningful Shadow work with The ManKind Project and Boys To Men, both male-only communities. Alyce introduced me to the previously foreign concept of women doing Shadow work and demonstrated that men do not have a monopoly. I've seen women do deep and meaningful Shadow work that was just as powerful, if not more so, than any work I've seen a man do. I also found the follow-up material to be very useful. Ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Here's the firepole." — Francis Xavier Saucedo

    "Alyce I LOVED your book and was so inspired to continue this work with this structure, thanks!" — E.E., Spain

    "Alyce Barry has crafted a from-the-heart, riveting account on the transformational potency of Shadow Work processes.  The first-person sharing of her own journey inspires readers to shamelessly face, love and transform their shadows — and their lives. This is a must-read for inner-work pilgrims." — Jim Warner, OnCourse International, author of Aspirations of Greatness

    "I just finished reading your book again, and I found myself even more inspired than the first time I read your draft. I’ve been surprised at just how encouraging it has been to me. You really touched a deep cord in me. I've been studying and practicing Shadow Work for 15 years, and I found myself turning the pages of your book as if I were experiencing this amazing transformative technology for the first time. You have rekindled my love for this work. Thanks also for such grace and courage. I'm just amazed at how you've done your personal work, facilitated others (particularly with creating safety for Risk Managers to reveal themselves), and written this book. A job well done; take a much deserved bow!" — Tom Pitner, Shadow Work Coach, ManKind Project Well Being Chair for 2008 and Certified Full Leader and Leader Trainer

    "Your book has been so very wonderful in helping me to deal with a very difficult [set of issues] that's been surfacing this last year.  I am so glad I found the Shadow Work website and your book especially.  Thank you for your honesty and courage which have been so inspiring and supporting for me." — J.R.

    "Alyce, just a quick note to say I LOVED your book and plan to reread it again soon." — A.P.

    "The book is "Terrific", thank you for sharing your journey so eloquently." — P.J.

    "Thank you for Practically Shameless! It's such a great explanation of Shadow Work and its philosophy, and it's a brave telling of your own journey." — J.H.

    "I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of those who have read Practically Shameless and are sending you appreciations for your masterpiece. It's wonderful!! … Many many thanks for all of your heartfelt determination and willingness to share the fruits of your labours with the lucky souls who come across your book(s), now and into the future." — S.M.

    "My wife has read your book and she thinks it is terrific!  She is very hard on self-help books so for her to greet it with open arms is quite something."

    "Just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful book and this act of sharing your own special journey. . . . you have truly released your talent." — R.H.

    "Thank you for writing it, and thank you for publishing it. … [Your book is one of the things that] keeps me going right now … as it's really given me hope that if I continue to do my 'work' one day peace will come…. You've touched at least one life today." — B.N.

    "It reads like butta. Simply beautiful. I can't wait to finish. Inspiring." — Judge Mattocks

    "The book looks just great!!  Nice job with layout." — Leland Howe

    "I read Practically Shameless from cover to cover [in a day]… I can now look inside and feel a calm that I don't ever remember before. 'Thank you' seems like very little to offer, but for what it's worth, thank you from the bottom of my heart." — J.

    "I sat down and read the book again this evening, and like the last two times it brought tears to my eyes. I think that reading about your journey, and the process work brings me back to the work I've done in Shadow Work and other containers, and the joy I have in my life by doing so." — Mark Massoni

    "It is so easy to read, written in language the average person can understand, without all the complicated psychological language many authors use…. Most of all, though, I am so deeply moved by what you have shared about yourself. … you weave a very real and deeply moving story as you share so generously of yourself and your life. Thank you." — B.J.

    "I was delighted to receive your brand new Practically Shameless a few days ago.  I read it in 2 sittings.  My first impression was how completely professional, buttoned down, high quality, precise and perfect the production values were — not to mention your language!  Outstanding!  … My second impression was that I was flowing in tears by the end of Chapter 2.  They call that empathy -- or more accurately, identification! … Alyce, you've done a marvelous job of moving this important work forward, to a wider audience ….  THAT is big! … Your analogies are right on. I LOVED THE HORSES' HOOVES!  You have systematically and painstakingly described a complex, subjective / abstract metamorphosis of consciousness, which is generally far beyond the norms or mindset of our culture.   I can see why it took years to do it.  Congratulations!  Please breathe it in. Best wishes and encouragement in creating many offspring from this robust work.  Now I have to decide which of my friends & relatives shall be gifted with this book." — R.M.

    "I read your entire book (excluding Chapter 19) on an airplane …, and I like the book even more than I liked the draft you gave me earlier. Your explanations are clear, and I like your metaphors and your humor. You represent Shadow Work accurately without proselytizing. Well done! It's physically attractive with a great cover, easy-to-read font, and a nice feel in the hands." — Dennis Hartwell

    "These [books] are so great for people wondering what Shadow Work is like.  A woman I gave one to was VERY intrigued and so appreciated the book." — Ginny Drewes

    "[The books] look great.  Congratulations on the whole endeavor!  May you and the book prosper well, and long live Shadow Work!  And I love the name Mixed Nuts for the holiday book!" — Valerie Young


    Testimonials to the manuscript prior to publication

  • Customer reviews at
  • Testimonials to the published book

    A note from Alyce: I feel incredibly honored to have received such stirring testimonials to the manuscript from so many colleagues, friends and family members. I used as many of them as I could in the book itself, in the two pages inside the front cover. I felt torn and sad about omitting any of them, and also about limiting many people’s rightful credits, due to space considerations. Here, in alphabetical order by last name, are all the testimonials with full credits. Thank you all!

    “Alyce has created a remarkable work of personal sharing about how she escaped from the 'box' of self-limiting beliefs modeled in her family of origin. As she experiences Shadow Work, she faces her shadows, heals the shame on her Sovereign, Lover, Warrior and Magician, and finds new meaning in her life and her relationships. This book fills a gap in our knowledge about mythopoetic women’s work.”
    Edward Read Barton, MPA, J.D., Ph.D., Editor, Mythopoetic Perspectives of Men’s Healing Work: An Anthology for Therapists and Others; Volunteer Curator, Changing Men Collections, Michigan State University Libraries; and Research Coordinator, ManKind Project

    “Brilliant, full of layers, and extremely easy to read. Alyce’s first-hand account of discovering a process for escaping childhood shame is both touching and quite real. This book is a must-read for anyone feeling trapped in a problematic life pattern.”
    Jeff Baugher, consultant

    Practically Shameless is a page-turner detective story. Alyce Barry is a sleuth stalking her most feared foes until these villains are hers. Her trail teaches us ways to welcome any part of our being with non-violence and compassion. She becomes a healer of others’ broken selves in the telling of her own reunification.”
    Jude Blitz, M.A., certified Hakomi therapist and Shadow Work facilitator

    "This is the story of one woman's journey from a life of imprisonment in a box of self-doubt and shame to a life of self-confidence and freedom. I couldn't put it down; I was cheering on this courageous woman as she fought for her life and won.”
    Lyman Coleman, author of Serendipity Bible for Groups and other books

    Practically Shameless is a delightfully easy read that created a container for my own deepest thoughts. I recommend this book to anyone starting their own journey.”
    Ginny Drewes, Shadow Work facilitator and coach

    “If you want to lead a life that is more fully alive, this book is a must-read. Practically Shameless shows how your shadow can sabotage you. Remarkably, it also reveals the power, support, love and guidance your shadow has to offer. Read this book if you want to choose a more authentic life.”
    John Drury, author of Awaken Your Soul

    “The way in which Alyce Barry reveals her heart, her pain, and her healing tells the story of Shadow Work, the most effective method I know for deep emotional and spiritual integration.”
    Luke Entrup, educator, healer, writer

    “Alyce has brilliantly shared her personal journey of transformation. She and her book are inspirational!”
    Rhonda W. Gaughan, Shadow Work facilitator and coach

    “Alyce writes with clear and clever storytelling, engaging examples and analogies, and courageous self-revelation. Read this book if you want to discover magnificent parts of you that are waiting to be explored.”
    Dennis Hartwell, D.O.

    “By bravely sharing her life experiences and personal revelations, Alyce helps her readers indentify and confront the past experiences that keep them bogged down in old, no longer relevant patterns. After reading her book, I could look at my own life and say ‘Ah ha! That's why I keep doing that!’”
    Karen Hemmerle, screenwriter

    "Completely amazing. Practically Shameless could lead to a wonderful discovery of self. What a relief, to find that what we've done is all okay. A very healing, wonderful book.”
    David Hicks, Ph.D., Writing Program Director, Regis University, award-winning fiction writer and author of Writing Through Literature

    "Few people ever open the door to their souls and let us in to see the true beauty and authenticity of their being with all its complexity and simplicity. In this priceless book, Alyce Barry reveals that she is one of those rare people who has come out of hiding to let us see with the freshness and innocence of a child's eyes what her heart is truly filled with—love!! She describes in deeply touching words her own powerful healing process so that we feel as if we are going through Shadow Work with her, feeling her fear, doubt, risks, pain, insights, and joy. A real gem.”
    Leland Howe, Ph.D., author, life coach, organizational consultant, and former Professor of Psychological Education at Temple University

    “Alyce takes us on her amazing journey as she reclaims her joy and her soul. So many heart-touching insights to show us that we can heal, and exactly how.”
    Bill Kauth, author of A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups and co-founder of the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure, the Inner King Training and the Warrior Monk Training Intensive

    “A perfect overview of the power and process of Shadow Work. Alyce's personal story brings Shadow Work to life.”
    Ron Kertzner, J.D., leadership consultant at Choicepoint Consulting and co-author of Rediscovering the Soul in Business and 4 Gateways Coaching

    “OUTSTANDING!! So easy to read—so engaging.”
    John Kurk, Shadow Work mentor, facilitator and coach

    “Alyce’s humor, pain and humanity shine through in this intimate memoir. Reading her generous account of life ‘in the box’ and eventual redemption moved me to tears, laughter and a deep peace.”
    Joe Laur, consultant and Shadow Work facilitator and coach

    "Alyce Barry allows us to see her shadow, and in the process we see more clearly our own. While doing so she gives us a down-to-earth understanding of Shadow Work. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is tired of living in a box.”
    John Lee, author of The Flying Boy and The Missing Peace

    “Alyce Barry's refreshing clarity uncovers the longing and the journey of every human heart. Practically Shameless makes that journey accessible. It took me deeper in my own work and I have no doubt every reader will be similarly inspired.”
    David Lesser, Shadow Work coach

    "Practically Shameless explains Shadow Work in clear and readable English. By sharing her own deep personal experiences, Alyce conveys in a moving way the transformation that can happen in this work. Having experienced through Shadow Work the profound changes in my life and the joy I now live with, I recommend this book to any reader who wants more from life.”
    Mark Massoni, Shadow Work coach and furniture maker

    “Alyce's personal journey through Shadow Work will inspire and encourage newcomers to self-development. And for those of us who have ‘tried everything,’ her candor communicates the depth and power of this unique program in a very approachable way. A book for those you really care about—including yourself.”
    Father Thomas Miller, Pastor and Shadow Work coach

    “After a childhood of loneliness, Alyce lives a life filled with compassion for herself and others and enviably free of shame. In Practically Shameless, anyone feeling trapped in a box of shame will find a key to open the door to a better life.”
    Jo Mortland, librarian

    “Peppered with black humor and salted with moments of brilliant insight into our shared humanity, Alyce’s inspiring book is an excellent feast for the soul's journey through shadow into deeper connection and grace.”
    Sharanjit Paddam, Shadow Work facilitator and coach

    “Alyce Barry has written a heartfelt account of personal transformation that is rich in psychological insight and detail. While this book will encourage all those who seek a way ‘out of the box,’ it will be particularly valuable to psychotherapists interested in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapeutic alliance and change, since it provides independent confirmation of important principles from that approach and brings concepts such as the ‘Risk Manager’ into full relief. The patent authenticity of Alyce’s personal journey illustrates that a wise and compassionate Self is alive in us all, just waiting to be liberated, and that creative, respectful dialogue with our most difficult demons is the portal through which we may achieve it.”
    Kenneth Reid, LPC

    “Alyce Barry's Practically Shameless is a testament to the profound influence Shadow Work can have on changing unwanted personal and generational patterns.”
    Dr. Janine Romaner, Shadow Work mentor and facilitator

    “In Practically Shameless, Alyce has successfully explained what is not at all easy to explain: what Shadow Work feels like and why it has such power to change a person's life. Alyce is so willing to show her vulnerability, which is ours as well, that just reading it has an impact. My husband and I read it together, and our eyes were filled with tears. I love the book’s creativity and subtle suspense. An important book that will help many people!”
    Marie-Françoise Rosat, Shadow Work facilitator and coach

    "Written with simplicity and incredible depth, Alyce takes the very complex concepts of Shadow Work and creates a doorway for both the beginner and the experienced Shadow Work folks. Practically Shameless touched a place in me in a way that I have not touched before, and I have done lots of Shadow Work!  If you want to take the risk to open up to new possibilities of deepening into your life and widening your horizons, read this book. Your life will be transformed.”
    Char Tosi, Founder, Woman Within Training, Couples Weekends, and Mother’s Shadow Workshops

    Practically Shameless was engrossing from beginning to end. Alyce's openness about herself and her writer’s ability to ‘paint a picture’ with words will make this book a success.”
    Mary Walilko, web designer and editor of Heartbeats and Heartsongs, the Women In Circle newsletter

    Other reactions

    "I went to the website, and read the two excerpts. Each one brought tears to my eyes! I will send in a check today for 10 advance copies."

    "It is VERY well done!!!! I love case studies — they make things personal and clear to me."

    "You're hitting a common "belief chord" in women and in men. I've never seen it spelled out this well."

    Testimonials to Alyce's Other Writing

    "Some Thoughts Upon Finishing a Book" is a terrific article—so straight from the heart. Having first heard excerpts from your book about four years ago, I know personally how very hard you've worked, how persistent you've been in bringing your dream to fruition. If this article is an example of the clear writing you do in your book, then lots of people are sure to benefit.”
    Rosemary Carstens, freelance writer, author, publication consultant and editor of The Feast

    "I loved your article about the writing process. It's so honest and beautifully written.”
    Kathy Kaiser, freelance writer and editor

    "I love this article. Thank you for sharing the process of writing from your core. Blessings on all your projects and how you are bringing truth to the surface.”
    Lynn Grasberg, presentation skills expert

    "Thank you, Alyce, for writing such a wonderful and honest piece. It helped me reflect on my own process with a book I am now writing. Good luck with your book!”
    Rivvy Neshama, writer, editor, proofreader, book coach

    "I find your pieces in the Shadow Work email newsletters incredibly helpful. I have used the insights from the Writer’s Block essay extensively and see much to be gleaned from your Holiday season observations. Many thanks!”
    David Simpson, CEO, Bluearth Institute, Melbourne, Australia

    "The e-newsletter is good for my soul! I look forward to the book you are writing!"
    Rev. Clark Echols

    "I was very impressed with your brochure, it's so clear and concise and warm. I think that explaining Shadow Work to someone is an art form in itself.”
    — A fellow Shadow Work® coach

    "Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. I would like to write as beautifully as you do. I like the way you have of making complicated stuff simple.”
    Margaret Adams, Toronto, Canada

    "I just read everything in this newsletter and feel uplifted and encouraged.  Thank you!!!!  I am also excited about Alyce's book."

    Some really ancient testimonials to Alyce's writing (from college days, 1978-1982)

    Read about Alyce's experiences writing the book



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  •   Some other reactions:

    "I am delighted that you have written a book that will open a door of possibility for many people and provides a stepping stone to actually attending a Shadow Work event."

    "Congratulations Alyce! Way to Go! The sample excerpts are moving and the table of contents looks very intriguing. Also, your book title is so apt! You're an inspiration to us all, Alyce."

    "It is great to have finally a description of a Shadow Work workshop so that people will be able to read it and know more about it!"