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Practically Shameless by Alyce Barry, book cover by Nick Zelinger
Practically Shameless

How Shadow Work Helped Me Find My Voice, My Path,
and My Inner Gold

by Alyce Barry

With a Foreword by Cliff Barry
Illustrations by Cindy Kalman

Paperback — $16.95

Bestseller at!

Audio book edition

Now in its third printing, Practically Shameless is an uplifting and compassionate guide to transforming your life through Shadow Work. Using a story from the author’s life, including a riveting first-person account of Shadow Work processes, this life-affirming narrative demonstrates how to honor your life, understand and befriend your resistance, and effect the lasting change you desire.

Ending with an exercise that offers a direct experience of Shadow Work, Practically Shameless is destined to have an impact on every reader longing for change.

Professionally edited, designed, and illustrated, with a lustrous matte-finish cover that glows with the brilliance of red leaves in autumn, Practically Shameless is a lovely book you can be proud to give as a gift. If you like, provide a special gift message for the author to inscribe inside the book's front cover.

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